Monday, May 7, 2012

My weekend - one birthday, cashmere and cake

So.. guess who turned 3 over the weekend? Pork Chop is now 3.. 3.. how come? Where did the time go?
This is what we have done for him the last 2 years for his birthday.

1st year - he had a cupcake, I stuck in a candle in and blew it out for him. Then I ate said cupcake. It was red velvet and it was yummy.

2nd year - all of us fell asleep in the middle of the day to recover from our trip back from Singapore.

3rd year - I have been asked for a party the last fricking 2 months. Ever since he attended a birthday party in Singapore... he has realised people do these things called parties. So everyone knows that I am a grinch of parties. So this year I took one for the team. There was even a cake and everything - outsourced of course. If anyone in Melbourne needs a cake person.. let me know. Seriously look at this! D has obviously done this many times before for some reason. He started singing Happy Birthday by himself. ROFLLLL...

I made pasta and couscous salad... had Chinese style BBQ pork belly and sausages from the local butcher. I think I we just managed to get through the day without me asking for a divorce. Because of the rain, we now have 6 big bubble wands on hand! Great! Anyone wants to have an adult bubble party? 

 It is also getting much colder these days. I have been digging for my cashmere sweaters again. I have missed these greatly when I was pregnant - nothing fits! I bought them in 2006 when I was in Woodsbury Common. Heck I miss that place so much. Ralph Lauren cashmere for $69? Yes please.. here is a light pink one with gold threads. And I am wearing the lovely Marc by Marc Jacob heart neon pink bracelet. I heart cashmere. But seriously it is cold.


  1. All my fav foods: pasta, cous cous, pork belly.
    Happy birthday Daniel!!!!!

  2. Aww, Happy Birthday little Pork Chop!

    Cake looks fab :)

    1. Thanks girly.. i obviously slaved for hours over the cake. Not.
      I was really impressed and the boys loved it.

  3. Happy belated birthday to D, they grow up too fast don't they?!! Would love to know who did the cake please. :)

    1. Let me grab your email... I hope i can track you down. HAHAH


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