Thursday, November 24, 2011

Nespresso Citiz finally!

I have plotted, planned, saved and waited until this machine went on sale in Myer.
So it finally did! 20% off and I had a few gift cards ultimately paid only $289 at the cashiers.

I think this will change the way we have weekend breakfasts out at cafes. We have been leaning towards staying at home a lot more these days anyway. But I believe this will be the end of my cafe coffee addiction. $8 for two of us vs 2 pods. :) Brilliant!

Now to start depreciating this machine! I have already ran to Nespresso boutique and bought the 2011 release. So far only the vanilla and dark chocolate flavours. I will have to go back and try the cherry as well. Ooohhh I am excited.


  1. Very exciting! I don't drink coffee myself, but my partner went through a coffee-drinking stage once, and insisted we buy a coffee machine. One month later the phase was gone and I am now stuck with a $300+ machine gathering dust on my countertop!

  2. Sell the machine!!! And reclaim your benchspace!


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