Sunday, March 28, 2010

Domestic Goddess-ism ...

So I am on a Meal planning WIN.. WIN WIN WIN.
I love it and really enjoy doing it. :)

Trooped to Aldi first thing this morning and it was bliss. I stocked up on A LOT of snacks, there was a mild sense of panic there when Mick could not find Palazzo butter biscuits with milk chocolate ANYWHERE. He went to 2 different stores on 3 different occasions.
This week's meal plans are as follows.. in random order.

Pork Chops
Fresh ravioli - first time I have bought these from Aldi
Zucchini Slice
Lamb leg roast - usually they are monster hunks of meat in Aldi but I found one that was 1kg. Score

So Mick is off to work and I thought I would use today's rest day to start on my new cushion covers.

This is the fabric. Yum Yum right? Spotlight interior decor section. Awesome.. Now I cannot find my fabric scissors as they have been packed away... I have to wait for Mick to come home. Sad smiley.

So let's focus on dinner instead. I best start the leg of lamb roast as I am intending to shove it in the slow cooker and forget about it's existence.

Then I thought I would start on my apple cake as I haven't done one of them in ages. :)
Let's see how much I actually accomplish. Perhaps I should focus on getting clean dishes out of the dishwasher first. LOL

BRB Sorry about lack of posts. Agency bookings have been going great guns!

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