Sunday, February 14, 2010

Meal Planning

Ok ladies.. working mum here that tag teams daddy when I get home. He leaves when I come home.. then I start on stripper bookings after the boy goes to sleep. So this means we need dinner organised very well. What happens now? We never have ANYTHING in the house.
Poor Mick will run out and ask what do you want to eat and the poor man drags the baby out and tries to get enough for one meal. This means there is hardly anything in the house for our meals... which sometimes means... honey let's get takeaway I want dumplings. $30 a meal means our budget is shot to shits.

I have been reading about meal planning on thrift in the kitchen and on EB forum. But I am afraid that I will end up going.. oh I don't want to eat that. And my thrift movement will fail.. fresh food throw into the bin as it goes bad.

So I am trialing this.. and I promise that I will update. BTW sorryz for not updating my bad!

So this week.. the meal plan is in general

Nachos with mince beef
Pasta Tuna bake! yum
Beef tacos
Slowcooker Rump Casserole
Maybe leftovers as casserole means LEFTOVERsss YAY
Sat means it's busy busy busy day and night for strippers fish and chips maybe
Sun I would like to do wontons or something like that

Love my wontons, who doesn't love wontons??

Will update with what I have done!

Today is CNY and last night I made a disasterous orange and almond cake. It was burnt-ish. Sad face, Mick came to the rescue and made a chocolate cake to take to our friend's place. I have had my Chicken rice and I'm a Happy Cat.

Anyone has any experience with meal planning? Or am I in no woman's land? I'm scaredddddd...

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