Monday, February 15, 2010

Day 1 Week 1 Meal Planning Success...

As the prawns and mince pork was bought on Saturday at Vic Market, I figured I had to do the wonton soup today.
So successful, I made the stock with ikan bilis/dried anchovies. Had some of the stock used on Pork's porridge with mince pork (SO PROUD). Which is also cooking on the stovetop now.
Smashed some prawns with the back of my knife, marinated the pork with soy sauce, sugar and cornflour. Chucked in lots of spring onions so that it is yummm...

Check this out.. I know it needs vegies but I had a ton of stuff to cart about in Doncaster that I didn't pick it up. BTW the deli there sells Barilla pasta 2kg packs for $8 for 2! Awesomeness...

I know it looks lack lustre but I love wontons like you won't believe!!



  1. Omg you are back blogging!

    I love wantons as well but I am pretty bad at making them.

    Would you be able to share the recipe?

    How's little Pork Chop doing?

  2. I is back.. because if I had to blog about my own life it would be uber boring and people might fall zzzz... LOL

    Ok for the wontons.

    Get pork mince, prawns, dried shitake mushrooms soaked in water, spring onions. Pour marinate into a bowl - soy sauce, sugar, cornflour mix that and add the mince in.

    I cannot find fresh water chestnuts so I can't add that. Mince the prawns by smashing them with the back of your knife. Slice spring onions, dice mushrooms. Mix all that into pork.. stir through and season with pepper and sesame oil.
    Wrap wonton :)

    Broth I used dried ikan bilis that was it. Added salt to the broth.

    Boil wonton in hot water when done, i transfer to the soup pot so that the broth gets some flavour too. Fish out and chow down.


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