Monday, August 15, 2011

Costco Melbourne

You know that not only fashion has left you behind. But the latest things that people are talking about - you have no clue. It was like Disneyland, this place that you always wanted to go, you talked about going, you criticise, you plan, you beg others to take you... And more than 2 years on. Not once have I gone to Costco. Ok so in the last 2 years I had been slightly distracted with mmm I dunno either being pregnant of boobie feeding - shall not go into that. Nobody wants to hear about that much less me.

So away we go - this is an epic journey mind you - it's almost a military logistics exercise in my mind. First of all where the heck is Costco again? What? Southern Cross defunct wheel? Where is that? I can never find my way around Docklands and cannot avoid taking the wrong turn. And omg what if the kids have a meltdown? With much excitement we take off and head towards Docklands. This is where it gets sad.. I was so excited to go to a warehouse that sells bulk groceries (plus much more).

The parking said Costco members only and we had not signed up yet. So guess what we did, kept driving and had to go around the warehouse and back in again. AHahhaha... this carpark is worse than Ikea and Doncaster combined in one.

The trolleys were an eye-opener. C'mon you can put two babies in there! Wow wow!! So D went into the trolley seat while I stupidly pushed L in the little pram. Bad move.. it was trolley central and I kept thinking someone would hit him.

Costco definitely needs a leisure round where you do the initial scoping. There were SO many lanes that I did not venture into. I managed to pick up the frozen wanton soup. Why did I not know these existed when I was pregnant! Finish Powerball 112 pack for $28.50! 1litre maple syrup $15, 1.3kg peanut butter $5.69! Oh look, 2kg blocks of butter? Joy this is where I will get all my baking business stock... 1litre cream! Sure thing, I drink this thing for breakfast. Fighting amongst bargain hunting Asian restaurant owners, large families with 6 kids in tow, parents with 2 mega boxes of Huggies nappies under their trolley,... I was overwhelmed. I was melting down! But oh look! Tag Heur for $2800! Yes please, Kaching. After all, I saved a whooping $5 by using my business ABN to sign up.

So my review for Costco is
1) Everyone needs a pallet load of toilet paper
2) Weetbix megabox for $4+ awesome ^^ toilet paper will come in handy
3) You need more electronic goods than you really think, buy buy buy.

Best buys at Costco
1) The yummy bagels - 2x6 pack for $10
2) Finish Powerball when on special
3) Samsung LED TV at $1100 reduced by $200, everywhere else was $1700!
4) Kitchenaid liftbowl mixer $690
5) Amazingly huge tub of peanut butter - my boys are addicted
6) Dozen oysters for $6.90
I am not too sure of price comparisons to Coles/Woolies. But Costco is seriously a Disneyland to me.


  1. Love Costco! They are currently rebuilding the wheel. My many trips to Costco have seen it dismantled and now how it is. Bagels.... delicious! we love getting a hotdog down there too. In fact, all the food they prepare there is friggin awesome! I'm yet to bring home something disgusting!

    ... and yes we have 60 rolls of toilet paper at home :P

  2. Bagels! I have been looking for a place to buy bagels, and the only place i could find that sell packs of bagels was Glicks!

  3. Ladies you need to get the bagels!!!

    Iron Chef Shellie I did not find their cafe! I was way overwhelmed and walking around trying not to be knocked over by trolleys. I'm loving it though, will go back!

  4. COOL! I must visit Costco Melbourne sometime...I love Skippy Peanut Butter

    Btw - we have the same name which means we are totally awesome :D

  5. LOL I was like ?? When i had that email about your comment. I thought to myself no i didn't leave any comment!


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