Wednesday, July 17, 2013

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Hey GFC stalkers, you might not have noticed but I have switched domains. I have gone to the dark side and I am now using WordPress. Or maybe you haven't!

Stalk mah domain quickkkkk

So check out my new (not that new) domain Six Inch Heel. The good thing is, this already redirects. So what now? To add my blog or any other blogs to your reading list like all the other blogger sites you follow using Google Friend Connect. Click ADD and enter the URL, paste or type in the blog URL and you can follow any blog on any platform. Sometimes the previews are not great on the Google dashboard reader but it will do. So get on it..

Friday, June 28, 2013

Lingy does Styling with Crossroads

I am always browsing workwear like jackets and work dresses online. I seem to only have two extremes. Work clothes or track pants and PJs! I desperately need a black jacket and black closed toe heels but I always get distracted by colourful work heels and seem to be drawn to a lot of blue suit jackets. These are my picks for a work day. What do you think?

I am not sure if it is my having an enabler Mum or because she used to work for a global and international brand that I expect clothes to be cheap. Well most of the times it was free back then! And we would only splash out (A LOT) on shoes and handbags. Because of that I cringe if I click on sale automatically if I am browsing for clothing. For handbags and shoes, never ever .. if it was on sale, it was a bonus. There is a reason why every Asian Louis Vuitton and Chanel has a queue outside, us Chinese we love the brands. 

If you know me at work and you are reading this, yes I wear Temt and Target to work. Bet you thought it was Cue. The blue studded detail top had caught my eye for some reason, but I am not sure on the sheer. Let me know if I look like mutton as lamb in this number, as you can tell from my latest Hall of shame post I have a anti-mesh stance. The military jacket is on the website for $30!! I was thinking to myself that I need a black jacket as most of mine are blue! 

I went to David Jones recently and tried on the Ferragamo Carla heels. Lucky I did as I found out that I am size 6.5 not 7 as I earlier thought. Another suddenly realisation that I do not have closed toe black shoes. I just got stuck into a peep-toe thing for many years ok! So this is on my next to buy list. Please Shopbop gimme a code soon kthxbai? The Miu Miu Bow bag that Mum gave me last year is still unused. Yes yes yes.. it's expensive ok I will use it! And the cute earrings are from Alannah Hill which you might likey too. Also comes with a pink centre.  

Let me know what you think and if you like the Lingy Style files! Hate it? Tell me and I'll go back to Claw pics! 

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Review: Muk Spa Range Styling Tool 230-IR

The one where I got photo bombed by Spider-Man
You know why I blog about myself and not a specific subject? I can't style food to save my life... I have to ask the other girls to take over and put my caramel slice (probably the one and only thing I keep making for them) on a platter for me. I try to take a decent picture with a decent camera for a beauty post. And I get photo bombed by a Spider-Man that was hiding from the boys on the right. And then I also had to Photoshop the heck out of this picture as I had LIPSTICK ON TEETH. There goes my beauty blogging cred as well. On that note, I ask you to continue reading what I gotta say about what I am using on my hair LOL. This is also a girl that at 16 believed that people were using their clothes iron to "iron" their hair. True story... I might or might not have tried it on myself.

I have been using these Muk Spa products for many months since receiving them at the launch event. Yes it took me this long to write about it as I had pictures issues - see lipstick on teeth problem above. At the event, they demonstrated the Muk Styling Tool 230-IR and Mark who is one of the directors at Muk said we will all be receiving one of these styling tools to take home. Can I just tell you how exciting it is? Mark says that he believes this is an necessary item even if it was just to style the ends. I sound like a broken record. I know that I have straight hair but now I understand what Mark was saying. My ends at now a bit past the shoulder and because they are layered, it flips in different directions. I used the styling tool to get my ends tidied and what I love about it is that there is a fancy LED display with temperature setting. I set mine to 220 but you can customise to suit. I found that this temperature worked the best for me. I also get a kick out of looking at the digital numbers rising (sad!). 

Muk Spa Shampoo & Conditioner
When Mark showed us the shampoo which was passed around, we could see how thick the formula was. It is so thick that you need to wait a little while to do a second pump as it. The argan oil shampoo and conditioner retails for $26.95. Personally I like the smell of this shampoo and the packaging looks expensive. The shampoo and conditioner are formulated to add shine and reduce protein loss from long hair. My stylist has decided that I am growing my hair longer, so I have to say that I am lucky to receive this at the right time.  Personally I would choose the shampoo as the one must have item in this range for myself.

Shine Spray and Treatment Oil
The Argan oil hair spray and treatment oil retails for $34.95. When asked which one single item in the entire range was the "must have". Mark said the treatment oil was the one item that he would recommend over everything else if you would only purchase one. I think it is because my hair length is not as long as most and it is a little on the oily side. But what I did like about the treatment oil is it did not feel greasy. It has a pipette tube and I use a few drops to my hair and rub it into my wet hair before towel drying. I can assure you that it is not a heavy and greasy finish. It feels softer after drying and I do feel a difference with not using it. The treatment oil is also very thick and you have to be careful when you put the "squeezie" tube back in the bottle as the oil will get on the sides of the top. I am a little anal about this due to my "strict Chinese Mum" upbringing. True story, but nobody wants sticky bottles .... :)

The Muk spa range also included a hair mask but I gave it to TheBrunetteOne as she had longer hair than me and would put it to better use!

Price: Retail price wise is ok, it is more than supermarket brands of course but less than the other salon brands. A little goes a long way with the shampoo as well. You also use very little of the treatment oil each time. The styling tool is RRP$199.95, it would be one of my buy it for myself as a treat item. But I managed to curl my own hair (my hair cut does not allow curling now due to layers or I would demo it too) and I have to admit that I secretly love it.

Purpose: Hey my hair is straightened and don't  you think I look totes hot? LOL but seriously my picks would be the shampoo and treatment oil.

Hit me up with comments of Spider-Man awesomeness and your lipstick on teeth at awkward moments stories. Or you can just tell me how hot my hair looks. :)

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Fried Rice Paradise

What's the best way of using up leftover rice? You cook the darn thing with egg and make it fried rice. I cooked this up for lunch one day when I was working from home. The rice already had corn and peas in it... score.... and winning! So it was off to cube some Spam, I mean salt cubes.

Oh hai you yummy thing
This made me laugh when we went to Costco recently. A whole pallet of SPAM... The Chinese tend to stick to their own canned meat brands like Ma Ling so I have to admit I had not tried Spam before. My friend who used to live in Hawaii absolutely loves this and I bought some as I was super curious. It's a tin of salt really. And I will not debate on whether Spam is fit for human consumption. Let's just say that a lot of people love this stuff.

More SPAM than I get from Blogger Anon comments!
So I started frying up my Spam in my lovely wok. Wok it out... 
Cubed Spammy stuff.. you either drool here or start gagging.

Lovely cubes of salt
Here comes the great debate ... My grandma has always fried the rice and other stuff first then put the egg last. Everyone knows that my Grandma is correct. As she has now lost her memory and pretty much not that aware of her surrounds, I cannot exactly ask her this question so I am asking you guys. The great debate is that everyone else seems to be doing it the other way. Egg first then rice. So my friends, this time I tried egg first. I have never done it this way before. The world is watching as I fry up the egg first. What is gonna happen! Will everything implode into a rice eggy mess? I added a load of white pepper and some Chinese cooking wine and stirred it all up.

Steamy goodness with cubes of salt
Look at that fried rice porn right there. So hot and steamy, Jenna Jameson wished she was rolling around in it. Anyway, my verdict regarding egg first method. What do you do with the big egg bits? See that first picture (yes you gotta scroll upwards). Am I doing this wrong? Ling from Best Beauty Blog says the rice gets soggy if it is added after. Do I just have to stir the egg really quickly? I cannot believe a pure Chinese is blogging this right now. I am about to go eat some laksa and make myself feel more Chink. 

Right.. so let's debate about fried rice (or if you are Chinese.. Fried Lice).

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Outfit Hall of Shame: I am shopping the sales series

Lord how I love outfit hall of shames! I had a gem from the once again never fails to deliver outfit hall of shame Asos. But I now cannot find it. I AM SO UPSET. I am browsing sales on Matches, NAP and  everywhere else. Here are my fav outfit hall of shamessssss... let's roll.

I love you Balenciaga but WHAT?!

I love Balenciaga I really really do. So this hurts me a lot. $7,900 for this?! Hmmm buy a sort of reliable 2nd hand car or a dress like one that the 1980s vomited out. I am not sure if it is a bad fit on the model but what the heck is happening there? The bust line, the frilly lizard peplum THING and then the skirt. THE HEMLINE. I didn't think you could get worse. Then... BOOM.

Balenciaga does CUT OUT
Balenciaga does CUT OUT. Let's show a bit of that sexy back of the knee flab girls. Yeah. It is also entirely sold out. I am now convinced I can sell a bedsheet as a dress.

You know I love stripper shoes.. dancing around in stripper heels is my cardio. There is a place for stripper heels. There is no place for Charlotte Olympia shoes that look like that. Whacking on the word Paris or any other European city doesn't make it better Charlotte or rather Harlot. I don't even know who would wear that. Maybe Paris Hilton or Brynne Edelsten but then even she has tried to scrub up Courtney Love style. 

I dunno what event I should wear this at
Ohhhh ASOS you always deliver... A search for evening dresses will give you this. I am sure I will be wearing this to my next formal evening event. UK Size 4 is low in stock. Quick run and get yours here

Peter Alexander will be upset at this rip off of his design
Kiki Chaos had tweeted me this much earlier and we had a big laugh over this. Then BOOM searching for evening dresses, I get this again! Kiki said it was meant to be. I need to get this dress. Peter Alexander is upset that his sleepwear is copied and passed off as evening dresses.

Oh hey my dress is ripped and hanging out 
I just do not know what's going on with this dress. The bag of poo colour, the neckline, the sleeves.. then your eyes scroll downwards and BOOM the bloody dress is ripped!!! 

They want me to believe that this is a signature style of the designer to shred the dress out. Nice try Matches fashion, none of her other clothes have shredded at very unstrategic places rips. I am onto you Matches!

I love a good outfit hall of shame. Email me ok if you find any!! 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Parcels so far this week

It's been a good parcel week so far. I realise that we are only 2 full days into the week but I am excited and cannot wait to share what the mail stork delivered.

I have been stalking my mail delivery man for this parcel. It departed LA on about the 5/6th of June and I was like c'mon.. where is my parcel?! Pop Basic released a video for the Sherwood collection and the colour of the maxi skirt just made me want it. I really liked every piece in this collection so I ran and made a purchase once it was announced. Being used to zoning into the smallest size possible, I clicked the drop down menu and selected XS without looking at the measurements. It said ... "Out of Stock"... devastated I tweeted @pop_basic and said omg you are out of stock! M quickly replied and told me that she is normally a small and needed a medium. The medium skirt measured 29 inches. I grabbed my measuring tape out and measured my size 4 Country Road work pants. Damn vanity sizing, it's 28/29 inches. I had to swallow my pride and order Medium. The good news is, their sizing is small. The bad new is the sizing is small - depending on how you look at it LOL. So I am a Medium... back to pole dancing I need to go. The best thing about Pop Basic is that you know what you are getting, it is not a subscription box. USD$68 and includes first class mail shipping to Australia and the best thing is that M is always responsive on Twitter/Email etc if you need help. I am also happy to say that Medium first me well in length and waist. I even have space for some fried chicken.

On the same day, this little beauty arrived by courier. Say hello to the first Violet Box ever. Violet Box is a new skincare/makeup subscription box. Boxes start at $22.95 for one month. This was provided to me for a review which I will dig deeper into. But does anyone see the CK? It is a full size gloss eyecolour stick. Oooh yeah...

OPI Minnie Couture Collection
This is a goodie... OPI Minnie Couture collection! As you guys know I have an extensive range of pink nail polishes. Pink.. pink pink.. Minnie Couture is pink galore as well. So I requested the crimson red called Innie Minnie Mightie Bow (right) and Minnie Style (left). I'm kind of undecided about the glitter. Tell me what you think!

So folks, what do you want a detailed post of? Let me know! BTW I put disqus in and I guarantee that I cannot please everyone! Why can't there just be one of those commentluv plugins for blogger?

Monday, June 17, 2013

Stalk my Weekend: Lorne Great Ocean Road

Great Ocean Road is one of those places that every fresh off the plane person visits. I don't know what makes a bunch of crazy Singaporeans fellow FoP (Fresh off Planes) believe that we are totes gungho and can drive up and down this road. I still remember the excitement when I saw the waves on the beach. Like ZOMG it's real waves. When Lastminute was publicising Great Ocean road sales, I had a look and finally booked something. My holiday booking is like my online shopping. I browse a lot, I add to cart and then close the window. But not this time! The boys have never been to Great Ocean Road and Mick said he doesn't even remember seeing the 12 Apostles. I cannot believe it, it's the #1 FoP destination!! So off we went, enduring hours of Are we there yet? It's taking for ages. OH I DIDN'T SEE THE HORSEEEEE! OOOH MY HEAD IS ITCHY... 

When the kids were babies, I just could not deal with weekends away. By the time you pack half the house, you are DONE. This time.. no need to pack entire packs of nappies, the entire cot, half his wardrobe and everything. We fit everything, my large Wang, the boys' teddies PLUS a baby car seat that I was selling into the world's tiniest Asian car and still had room. Now you understand why our Stalk my weekend is always around Melbourne? 

That's sunrise, believe it or not.
We stayed at the Cumberland Lorne Resort. If you read my blog, you would know that I'm a diva with accomodation. Actually I'm a wannabe diva with most things, however in a lot of cases, I don't have a platform to unleash it. Anyway, the room was nice. We booked a 1 bedroom as it has a double fold out sofa bed. Bugger that.. The fold out sofa bed is like a nightmare relic of uni days. Mental note to book 2 bedrooms next time. We had a full kitchen, spa bath and full laundry facilities. So guess who had laundry tumbling in the dryer while sitting in the spa? LOL Two thumbs up pointing to self. Oddly I did not take pictures of our room. We had ocean views peeking above the top of another building block. The building site is actually pretty old. And the lifts took longer than walking up the stairs. But it was kind of funny in a way!

Deep Fried Goodness
We did not do much in Lorne, by the time we got there, there was no way I would get back into the car to endure ARE WE THERE YET some more! So we went down the main strip for lunch. What says holiday more than fish and chips! Here's Pickles stalking some cuckatoos and yelling at them while waiting for our takeaway. Food was pretty expensive for fish and chips but it was not bad. Batter was not really crunchy but the fish was good.

After we had our grease filled food. We head to the beach for a walk. Here's my beach wear folks.. A big ass down jacket. Talk about FoP!

BEACH MUMMY.. watch out for the waves!
On the way back, we detoured to Geelong waterfront. I am sure that I am the only one with a love for carousels. I think this is a throwback to my childhood and always wanting to sit on the horses. Somehow I think I was only allowed on the daggy carriages that stayed flat. Costs for the carousel ride was $3.70 for children under 5 and adults are to supervise so we were free. FREE!

Oh my gawd HORSIES!
Ahhh.. Fishermen's Pier... back in my day (lifetime ago) when I used to be invited to the Chanel parties. Yes I was.. believe it or not. I met the owner of this restaurant and I was invited to dinner after the Chanel party to Langton's and lunch at Fishermen's Pier. I sent flowers to her at that restaurant. Sadly we lost contact, the Chanel purchases stopped and the invites never came anymore. These brands are ruthless I tell you! A quick google tells me that there were also financial troubles on her end. I hope to meet her again one day and hope her family is ok. In the meantime, we decided to get some paella from the old quirky takeaway boat as Fishermen's looked like it was closed. C'mon it's cute. $10 a plate and $7 for prawns with garlic and chilli. I'm in...

D said that he don't eat clams.. he thought mussels with clams. That's ok, more for me. For $10 you get bits of seafood through the rice. Paella had lots of the crunchy bits, rice was tasty and it was topped with 4 mussells and a prawn. First of all, I wished that there were chicken or something else. But for $10 I will deal with it. Prawns were nommy and D said it was spicy. But I think it was garlic spice more than anything. 

Yummiest Food Ever!

Thankful we had a frozen lasagna when we came home. Mick assembled this on Friday and took one to our neighbour that just had a new baby. Yummy.... I make mine with a combination of pork and mince. I was really busy last week and was working in the evenings. Thank goodness Mick took over or we would have 2kgs of meat go bad in the fridge. LOL I'm such a cooking fail! All the intention and no time. 

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